Sunday, September 21, 2014


I have been totally MIA from blogging, life has been so super busy these days, in a good way!!!  We had an awesome summer and are just trying to soak up this amazing winter so far this fall.  We had a fabulous weekend, packed full of fun, both kids are already sleeping (not even 7pm yet) which is how I found a few free minutes to post here!!

Where to start...

Eric is doing well!  His job has been keeping him super busy and being that it's football season VTScoop is also running full steam ahead!!  My job is busy busy busy!  Coaching (my other job) is also busy busy and going awesome!!  I am having just a blast coaching and helping people, and making some extra income doing it...doesn't get better than that!  Eric and I went to Columbus Ohio for the Tech vs Ohio State game, it was sooooo much fun!!

Now onto the fun stuff...

Ryan!!  Ryan is everything you would expect an almost 3 year old to be.  He is a total pain in the a$$ a lot but when he's not he is just the sweetest kid that we would literally do anything under the sun for!  He started playing soccer and warms up to it a little more each week.  Watching these kids is soooo cute!!  We went to the farm and slept over there twice and he is a total redneck!!  LOVES the big green tractor, boats, atvs and fishing.  He can sing the entire song to "Big Green Tractor" and "Wagon Wheel."  He has complete conversations and just amazes us with his stories!!  He comes up with the funniest stuff and keeps us laughing.  Such a hysterically funny little dude.  He is potty trained with the number 1's, need to get on the ball with the #2's so when we are called to the top of the wait list for pre-school he can go!  I think he would really LOVE school and all the kids!  I wish I could just record this kid because I don't want to forget anything he says!  Let's see - Size 6 diapers and pull ups and underwear, size 2T clothes for the most part, he's tall, and weighs about 32 lbs because he is a VERY picky eater at dinner (we substitute with LOTS of milk and gummy bear vitamins- thats the same right?), but would eat cookies and brownies  He loves Emily, but is also mean to her, it's kinda funny when they fight, they are like real little people.  Ryan is currently a total daddy's boy.

Emily!  Might be the happiest baby ever, and THAT SMILE, OMG.  She has a full mouth of teeth, blonde hair just long enough for a pony and bows bows bows, size 5 diapers, and eats everything!  She's pretty much running now, is INTO EVERYTHING, put everything in her mouth, and is a climber.  She has some words - "Eeeeye eyye ohh," "Quack Quack Quack," "Momma" all the time, "Ry Ry," "cwacker," "ball" the list goes on!  She is so stinkin funny too.  She is one sassy little thing, also loves Ryan's soccer practice, and has learned her own little temper tantrums where she flails her entire stomach out and just falls.  She sleeps sooooo good, at least 12 hours a night, and also not really a napper.  She LOVES babies - real one especially but also her baby dolls.  When she says "bebe" she always has her tongue between her lips, it is so funny!  She loves Ryan, and fights back when he tries to take something from her, we find ourselves just sitting back and watching when they start fighting.  Em's is a total Mommas girl and just wants me all of the time, I love it!

That's us in a nut shell for now!! 

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