Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 Months


You are the absolute sweetest and happiest little baby girl there ever was! You are so much fun and so fun to be around and make everyone happy just baby talking to you!!!  You laugh and giggle and thats about it.  Still just sitting, not really moving, and just happy!!

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth, from dog hair you pick off the floor with your two little fingers, to every toy there was.  You also love TV and the little fisher price games we have on our phones!!  You are very easily entertained.
Mida at daycare is obsessed with you, pretty sure she holds you all day because you smell like her every night!!  This month you had your FIRST EASTER, and the Easter bunny brought you all sorts of fun stuff!!  You also got your 3rd tooth, top right (not one of the centers, interesting).  You went on your first all girls weekend to Wintergreen and your first TWO bridal showers haha!!  You are such a momma's girl it is AWESOME!!! 
You are still sleeping well.  Eating size 3 foods and everything else.  So far Mac and Cheese is prob your fave but you also eat chicken, green beans, I think you have even had a grilled cheese ha!  You LOVE to eat!  You are a chunky little monkey and it is so so so adorable!

You are at THE BEST age and it is going so fast.  I am so sorry already I don't have a picture of every little thing you did :(  I love you and your bro so much.  And you LOVE him so much too!!  You laugh at everything he does!!!

To the Moon and Back!!

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