Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gratitude...FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Hey guys!!!  I am going to have to quit my 365 days of gratitude.  I told myself I would do it for 365 days but only it is real and is present.  A few times I had to go back over a week to see what I was doing those day and see what I was grateful for because I am completely out of time and just simply forgot to update my blog.

The fact of the matter is I am GRATEFUL for it all!!!

2014 has been am amazing year for me and my family so far!!  My new years resolution including things that got me out of the drama, let go of control and realize there are things out there I simply can not control, and to be HAPPY!!

I have 2 healthy and happy kids that make every day an adventure.  We go from happy to complete temper trantrum meltdown in a matter of minutes.  I love it!  Absolutely love it!  Of course it drives me up a wall sometimes, but one day I am going to miss it, so I am REALLY trying to just enjoy it and take life for what it is!!

Eric is doing great!  We recently joined a country club and are planning to play in the twilight couples golf once a month!

I am doing AWESOME and have actually never felt better about myself on the inside or outside probably ever in my life!!  Eric and I started T25 in January and were quickly addicted, T25 spoke to me, 25 minutes a day I can find that time for myself!  I then became a beach body coach and have had SOOOO much support and enthusiasm that is it unbelievable.  My first challenge was with the 21 day fix, that took off like wild fire, I mean why wouldn't it!  But LISTEN, it actually works.  I have lost 10lbs so far, others in the group had lost 5, 6, 7, 8 lbs, the list goes in.  Of course you get out what you put in!  Anywho I am super stoked about this and what it has done on the outside of me!  On the inside I see myself changing.  Of course with the weight loss I have more confidence, I feel empowered, I feel literally AWESOME!!!  I also want this feeling for other people, becoming a coach is exactly what I should be doing in this life of mine and that feels AMAZING to have finally found that as well.

The dogs are great, rocco pukes a lot but I think he's okay!

Everything is just really really great!  We are so excited about the summer and all the fun things we have planned!!!

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